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We would like to invite you to participate in our Alpha program for the role playing fantasy Massive Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) Legends of Hrocka Mag. Keep in mind that the game software is Alpha, and there are many key components still missing. Your input and critique can help in the creation of player character classes and the general feel of our engine.

Points of interest:

  • Skill system not limited by level. This allows for very customized characters based off of your play style.

  • Up to 8 people can group allowing for higher level mobs to be destroyed.

  • 2 Miles Viewable Distance. See Castles and mountains from afar.

  • Easy access to various key points in the world by teleporting, rather than taking minutes riding or flying.

  • While we only have a few different types of monsters, we have placed 289,000 monsters in the game! You won't be at a loss for finding something to kill.

  • This game has been made by a very small team (Jason, Brian, and Chris), so you will be supporting a small company by helping in the Alpha! Your support will be remembered and your characters will have special notoriety when the game goes final. When the game is released, you will receive permanent discounts on membership fees as long as your account stays active!

System Requirements:

  • Windows Vista/2000/XP.
  • Core Duo, AM2, Athlon 2400, or Pentium 2.4 GHz equiv or better processor.
  • 1 GB of memory.
  • 128 MB PCI Express or 8x graphics card.
  • 3 GB of disk space available.

To sign-up click and then click Login > Register.

Meet your Neighbor

Meet your neighbor Thursday at 8-10PM EST. Since we have a small community, this time is useful for players to form groups and speak with the developers. We look forward to seeing you Thursday night!

Visible Armor!

You can finally see the armor you are wearing! Over the upcoming weeks we will be adding more variety and shades for armor, as well as class restrictions on what types of armor you can wear.

Play Game from Website

You can now play the game directly from the website, so long as you have updated to the latest version of Hrocka Mag. If you haven't played the game in a few weeks, make sure you login the old way *first* so that you receive all the updates.
This is part of our effort to make playing and managing accounts easier. Now you create characters and play from the same area. We also allow new users to download the game before they have been approved to play it. Once a user is approved, they can now immediately play.

Gift Shop

Gift Shop A gift shop is now open where you can purchase t-shirts, coffee mugs, etc.

In-Game Changes

  • The issues with the quest states not saving correctly should be resolved.
  • Click and drag for items should be smoother now.
  • The portal vendor in Entisity has teleport spells again.
  • Females: Your armor has been updated so that it no longer looks like it was made for a male character.
  • All veteran Clerics, Necromancers, and Mages - Make sure you go to your trainers, there are many more spell lines available.
  • All players that requested to be Necromancers have been converted. If you would like me to convert your character from Mage to Necro or if I forgot you, let me know.
  • Converted Necromancers: Some of your spells from the Mage cast set will no longer work. I'll try to remove them from your castbars and spellbook sometime this week.
  • Issues with floating hands on female elves and dwarves have been corrected.

May 24, 2007 - Contest Winners!

  • Winner of Xbox 360 Core System is Zalitamali
  • Winner of $50 gift certificate is Xemion
  • Winner of $25 gift certificate is Strate
Contest winners, please email with your character name, your email you signed up with, and your address so I can mail out your prize.

May 9, 2007

Win Prizes! Sign up for the Alpha and play Legends of Hrocka Mag!

In the spirit of creating a thriving community, we are having a drawing to win prizes for playing Legends of Hrocka Mag! First prize - Microsoft Xbox 360 Core System, second prize - $50 Best Buy gift certificate, third prize - $25 Best Buy gift certificate. In order to be eligible to be in the drawing, your character must be level 10.

Contest will begin 2007-05-12 and will end Thursday, 8PM EST 2007-05-24. Winner will be announced in-game and emailed within 30 minutes of contest ending.


  • Your character must be level 10 in order to be eligible for the drawing. However, you can start obtaining hour credits before you obtain level 10.
  • For every hour you play (limit 3 hours per day), you will obtain one entry into the random drawing. If you have multiple accounts and/or characters in Legends of Hrocka Mag, only the character with the highest hours will be entered into the contest.
  • Even if you don.t have much time to play Legends of Hrocka Mag, so long as you are level 10, you will have one entry into our drawing.
  • Any hour credits received will be reset when the contest starts on 2007-05-12.
  • Prizes must be claimed within 72 hours of winner being announced or we will award the prize to someone else.
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