Vigilance Point
Quest List for Viligance Point

The South road from Iron Gate leads to Vigilance Point, a solitary tower whose high vantage point affords a view over many miles of wilderness. In times passed, Vigilance Point was a strategic point of communication between Dahlemar and Entisity, but as the two cities have grown apart, Vigilance Point has become much more self-reliant. In addition to the wild beasts, the outpost also has recently addressed the threat of a growing Goblin presence in the region.

Name NPC Level Reward Notes
Defending Trade Routes Vintwyn 32 Currency, Experience, Offense, Defense, Evocation Requires Quest Supply Chain Management
Delivery to Lihycod Molan 40 Experience, Currency
Goblins Galore Quartermaster Danicka 35 Experience, Offense, Defense, Evocation
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