Iron Gate
Quest List for Iron Gate

The crossroads between the Mage's Tradepost, Rhynehart Tower, and Thunder Stein Point, Iron Gate provides many travelers with a place to repair their traveling equipment, purchase additional supplies, and, in times of peace, find a good night's rest. Far from Dahlemar and farther from Entisity, Iron Gate is a largely autonomous outpost that is responsible for its own defense. As such, adventurers passing through are often asked to help aid in the defense of the outpost, or in assisting through deliveries or other tasks.

Name NPC Level Reward Notes
Lanerore's Strange Behavior Losidim 30 Currency, Offense, Defense, Evocation, Experience
Supply Chain Management Kabid 30 Experience, Currency
Wolf Culling Tedyd 30 Experience, Evocation, Currency
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