Quest List for Entisity

The grand Elven city of Entisity lies roughly 8 miles along the road south from Dahlemar, and is known for its prominent Arcanocracy, led by the Arch-Mage of the city. The High Elves of Entisity pride themselves in their knowledge and training of the arcane arts. This, combined with their aloof nature often gets them a reputation as being an arrogant people, although arrogance is very contemptible in their society.

Recently, the Arcanocracy has been questioned, as unknown sources have been assailing the city. Rumors abound that the Arch-Mage and his circle of advisors have somehow wrought this destruction upon themselves, but little evidence has been shown to support such claims. The fact remains that Entisity has distanced itself from Dahlemar, and trade to and from the city has almost come to a complete halt.

Name NPC Level Reward Notes
A Noble Search Marshall Seyaryno 40 Currency, Experience, Elm Full Shield Requires Quest Missing Courier
A Shadow Of My Former Self Segyso 43 Experience, Evocation, Currency
A Spy Among Us Xemory 44 Experience, Evocation, Offense, Defense Requires Quest Audience with Dehn McKoria
Afraid Of The Dark Losysen 43 Experience, Currency
Audience With Dehn McKoria Entisity Emissary Genevieve 45 Experience, Offense, Defense, Evocation
Dark Tidings Nilerin's Guard 40 Experience, Offense, Defense, Evocation Requires Quest A Noble Search
Familiar Tactics Commander Nifit 42 Experience Requires Item Entisity Emblem
Feral Encroachment Sentry Visura 42 Steel Bastard Sword, Experience, Offense, Defense, Steel War Hammer, Oak Staff
Lighting The Way Rehyu 43 Experience
Lost Caravan Noravira 42 Experience, Currency, Slash, Evocation, Steel Long Sword Requires Item Entisity Emblem
Missing Courier Negin 41 Experience, Currency, Offense, Defense, Evocation Requires Item Entisity Seal
Purging The Catacombs Marshall Ravayon 45 Steel Spiked Shield, Experience Requires Quest Dark Tidings
Relations With Dahlemar Vanarus 40 Experience Requires Quest Trade Embargo
Satchel Of Shadow Nilihe 43 Currency, Experience
Shadows Of Entisity Guard Canasos 42 Experience, Offense, Defense, Evocation, Currency, Entisity Seal Requires Quest Lighting the Way
Sleeping Agent Sentry Numuzar 41 Experience, Currency
Spice Of Life Dotosile 44 Experience, Currency
Supplying The Frontier Militia Officer Nusene 42 Experience, Currency Requires Item Entisity Seal
The Guard's Lantern Guard Vocyhi 43 Currency, Experience
The Ice Spear Tribe Advisor Sajelu 44 Steel Long Dagger, Currency, Experience, Steel War Hammer
The State Of Entisity Nerel 45 Experience, Offense, Defense, Evocation, Entisity Emblem, Currency Requires Item Entisity Seal
The Whole Story Ducijeb 43 Experience Requires Item Entisity Emblem, Requires Quest Lost Caravan
Trade Embargo Riyozola 43 Experience
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