Connor's Post (levels 1-15)

Connor's Post is a starter outpost southwest of Dahlemar, Connor's Post stands as a defensive outpost against any incoming threats to the city itself. A small contingent of soldiers and a few townfolk make up the population of the small garrison, but the addition of young adventurers seems to keep things lively at the outpost.

As the orcs of the region become more aggressive toward Dahlemar, Connor's Post stands in the precarious position as being one of the first lines of defense for the city. New adventurers to the region are often tasked with helping fortify the outpost's defenses or in culling the orc population.

Quest List for Connor's Post

Dahlemar (levels 8-30)

Dahlemar is a trade city with routes traveling across both land and sea, Dahlemar thrives as a melting pot of cultures. Dahlemar has grown from a small harbor town used mainly by adventuring groups into a major thoroughfare for merchants seeking to share their goods across the vast seas. The city itself holds three major sections: The Royal District, in which Dehn McKoria has built his palace; The vast Trade District, which holds numerous shops, taverns, inns, and houses; and The Port District, leading directly to the ship docks.

The seeds of corruption, having long ago been planted in Dahlemar, have come to fruition under the leadership of Baron Dehn McKoria. Coupled with the emergence of the Serpent Cartel and the nefarious group The Hand, Dahlemar can be quite a dangerous place for the unsuspecting adventurer.

Quest List for Dahlemar

Benedict Keep (levels 10-20)

Long before Dahlemar had been established, the Hold at Benedict Keep was once a fortress in which a formidable group of adventurers stockpiled their treasures. Some of the wealth from this hoard was used to build the port and town that would one day be known as the city of Dahlemar, and its location led it to become a popular area for newcomers to settle in.

With the protection of the adventurers, as well as an almost constant influx of valuables, Dahlemar quickly rose to prominence in the region. Shortly thereafter, the adventurers from Benedict Keep went off in the pursuit of more wealth and never returned. As the months passed, Dahlemar took Benedict Keep as an extension of the city itself, and with it, all the valuables that had been stored there.

In more recent history, Benedict Keep was ravaged in the last series of Orc Wars against Dahlemar, and rumors indicate that it is now haunted with the spirits of those sacrificed there.

Quests for Benedict Keep can be found in Dahlemar.

Gaulinghor (levels 20-25)

Sister-city to Ankador, Gaulinghor now stands as a last vestige of Ogre power between Iron Gate and the Mage's Tradepost. The Ogres of Gaulinghor have withstood numerous Orc attacks, but are feeling the results that decades of conflict have taken on their population. There is a push being made to ally the Ogres more completely with Dahlemar to help stave off the emergence of the Orcs as a regional power.

Quest List for Gaulinghor

Ankador (levels 25-30)

Once an Ogre village, Ankador has recently been re-established by the orcs of the region southwest of the Mage's Tradepost. This recent acquisition by the Orcs of Ankador has rekindled the feud between the Orcs and the Ogres of Gaulinghor. The Orcs, led by their vicious chieftain, are attempting to assert their dominance over the wilds between Dahlemar and Entisity by driving the Ogres to the point of extinction.

Quest List for Ankador

Iron Gate (levels 30-31)

The crossroads between the Mage's Tradepost, Rhynehart Tower, and Thunder Stein Point, Iron Gate provides many travelers with a place to repair their traveling equipment, purchase additional supplies, and, in times of peace, find a good night's rest. Far from Dahlemar and farther from Entisity, Iron Gate is a largely autonomous outpost that is responsible for its own defense. As such, adventurers passing through are often asked to help aid in the defense of the outpost, or in assisting through deliveries or other tasks.

Quest List for Iron Gate

Vigilance Point (levels 32-33)

The South road from Iron Gate leads to Vigilance Point, a solitary tower whose high vantage point affords a view over many miles of wilderness. In times passed, Vigilance Point was a strategic point of communication between Dahlemar and Entisity, but as the two cities have grown apart, Vigilance Point has become much more self-reliant. In addition to the wild beasts, the outpost also has recently addressed the threat of a growing Goblin presence in the region.

Quest List for Viligance Point

Thunder Stein Point (levels 34-36)

The Dwarves of the Thunder Stein clan have set up a base of merchant operations along the road Southwest from Iron Gate. From here, the stout folk barter off some of their most prized ales and liquors, as well as sending emissary caravans to both Dahlemar and Entisity. The remote location, as well as the high value of the goods traded at Thuder Stein, make it a prime target for bandit attacks, so adventurers in the area are often asked to help in dissuading the bandit camps in the region.

Quest List for Thunder Stein Point

Winter Gate (levels 37-38)

South along the road from Vigilance Point lies Winter Gate, the first major outpost from Entisity. Initially built as a welcome point for visitors traveling to Entisity to freshen themselves up at, when the nearby town of Viden was destroyed by Goblins and their undead minions years ago, Winter Gate was quickly converted into a military post. To the northwest of the outpost, the ruins of Viden are still said to be haunted because of the foul magics the Goblins used to destroy it.

Quest List for Winter Gate

Rhynehart Tower (levels 38-39)

The last stop along the road from Dahlemar to Entisity is Rhynehart Tower. Acting as a final waypoint to the city, many dignitaries and prominent travelers spend an evening at Rhynehart Tower, as they send a contingent of their entourage to announce their imminent arrival in Entisity. Due to the nearly constant journeys of travelers to and from Entisity, Rhynehart Tower is a hub of activity keeping the Goblins and wild animals around the tower in check.

Quest List for Rhynehart Tower

Eldritch Garrison (levels 40-45)

An outpost east of Entisity, the Eldritch Garrison was recently settled as a defensive position against the attackers of the city. With the threat of an attack always on their minds, the soldiers stationed to this post are almost constantly on edge, fearful of what the night holds for them.

Travelers passing this way will find that the garrison is a battlefront with many opportunities for those willing to assist in defense of the elven city. With new threats looming on the horizon, it is also a place many adventurers can hone their skills against the common enemies of Entisity.

Quest List for Eldritch Garrison

Entisity (levels 40-55)

The grand Elven city of Entisity lies roughly 8 miles along the road south from Dahlemar, and is known for its prominent Arcanocracy, led by the Arch-Mage of the city. The High Elves of Entisity pride themselves in their knowledge and training of the arcane arts. This, combined with their aloof nature often gets them a reputation as being an arrogant people, although arrogance is very contemptible in their society.

Recently, the Arcanocracy has been questioned, as unknown sources have been assailing the city. Rumors abound that the Arch-Mage and his circle of advisors have somehow wrought this destruction upon themselves, but little evidence has been shown to support such claims. The fact remains that Entisity has distanced itself from Dahlemar, and trade to and from the city has almost come to a complete halt.

Quest List for Entisity


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