Evocation describes a player.s ability to call into submission the forces of magic required to complete a spell that the player is casting. Spells in this school can be as small as a dart of elemental energy to a tempest of forces called from many different elemental magics. These magics are used primarily to incur wrath upon foes of the caster.


The school of abjuration deals with altering the physical world (or aspects of if) through the manipulation of extra-dimensional forces. Its spells enhance specific properties of the caster's target.


Conjuration deals with the creation of physical (or trans-physical) items from nothing. From food and drink, to portals into extra-dimensional travel and summoning, conjuration calls on the caster's strength of will to determine how effectively the caster can create in the physical world what they envision in their mind.


Divination magic deals with invoking a deity's favor in alignment with the priest or follower of that pantheon. Spells that use divination range from heals and blessings to foresight and probing spells.


The school of alteration deals with the manipulation of physical properties to strengthen, weaken, or otherwise change the target of the caster. Minor alterations can be as small as increasing a target's physical size, while major alterations can be as significant as a total transformation of the target.


Necromantic spells are those that manipulate life force and the transfer or destruction of those energies. Spells ranging from the transfer of health to the raising of a corpse into undeath come from this school of magic.


Energies that emanate from evil creatures and shadows that no light can penetrate, the dark forces utilized by this form of magic exist for destructive purposes.


Pure, unspecified energy composes the element of light. Light magics make up a number of restorative spells as well as some destructive ones.

Elemental (Ice, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind)

The elemental magics take on the characteristics of their namesake. Mastery of these elements leads to greater control over them and the ability to invoke them at will.


Lightning magic is created through a combination of earth, wind, and water magics, and has a variety of specialized characteristics created by the fusion of these elements.

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