Calling upon their physical prowess and the use of various armors and weapons, fighters are the epitome of martial combat. The fighter provides the solid base for which adventuring groups, guardsmen, and even armies are made up of.

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Quick thinking and armed with a vast array of spells and abilities, the Mage is a destructive force. Through knowledge of the arcane arts, mages call upon the elements of magic to manipulate the physical world to do their bidding.

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Holy manifestations of their deities, clerics can use the divine energies to form powerful spells and prayers of protection. Noble healers and holy warriors, clerics form and nurture the spiritual connections between deities and their believers.

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Cunning and calculating, rogues arm themselves with mental acumen as sharp as their blades. The rogue is a jack-of-all-trades, calling upon many fine-tuned skills to assist them in vanquishing foes, winning the hearts of their comrades, or simply telling stories.

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Believing life and death to be cycles that are dependent on one another, the Necromancer manipulates the energies of the underworld to do his bidding. Drawing from these dark magics allow the Necromancer an arsenal of potent spells.

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Coming Soon Arming themselves with natural weapons and defenses, the Druid calls upon the power of nature to vanquish foes or restore their comrades. Druids exist as a delicate balance between the chaos that is nature and the civilized world.


Coming Soon An inspiration to its allies and a fearsome sight to its enemies, a Paladin uses both martial prowess and divine inspiration to vanquish its foes. As a devoted believer in their gods, the Paladin acts as a champion of righteousness and a defender of their faith.


Coming Soon Living, breathing extensions of the forest itself, the Ranger is a noble protector of the natural cycles of life and death. Through their knowledge and respect for nature, Rangers can utilize elements of both the mundane and the supernatural to assist them in battle.


Coming Soon Whether performing rituals of healing or blood sacrifices to weaken their enemies, the Shaman is a force to be reckoned with. Shamans tend to have other party members engage foes directly, preferring to impact the battle from a distance.


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