October 1, 2000 Scuba Monkey Software was born. The focus was to create a prototype for a single player game called Relative Power. The game was to incorporate quests with long and short term plot and would be based on philosophies and practices held in the book Ancient Art of War. Since we were just entering the 3D arena, we chose to base the creatures after insects, since they are not as hard mechanically to develop. This simplified our design process.

We had funding to allow a single person, Jason Cook to develop and produce the 3d models over a period of one year. With help of his wife Kimberly Cook and brother in law Christopher Fayles in the 3d arts area, game construction began. Jason's ability to innovate was demonstrated with a landscape engine designed to allow for seamless, non-zone bearing land with over 500 square miles. Jason also wrote algorithms to randomly create the landscape to reduce the burden on the 3d artist.

The goals and achievements continued on schedule. We contacted several publishers and sent early prototype samples to those companies. EIDOS expressed interest in the game design and concept and we were in the early stages of negotiation when 9/11 occurred. 9/11 caused publishers to become much more cautious. With lack of a completed game, and since we had not published a game before, we were told to come back when we had a completed game.

With our modest funding source exhausted, Jason Cook began software development work with Infinite Software, Inc. They were in desperate need of an expert programmer to assist with making a new front-end interface for customer service to access the database. While working part time for Infinite Software to bring in an income, Jason continued working on game design.

By July of 2002, Jason became critical to the operations of Infinite Software and accepted a full time position that eventually led to becoming the Director of Software Development for Infinite Software. During these endeavors, Jason kept his dream alive and modified the goals of Scuba Monkey Software to fit his ultimate goal: To develop a massive multi-player online role playing game. This kept him passionate and working long hours between Infinite Software and working weekends on his game. Brian Caldwell was hired part time as a maturing 3d art designer to continue efforts towards a completed game.

Once software development was showing progress on the server side, Jason lessened his hours with Infinite Software and became a part time Business Architecture Consultant for Infinite Software. With the new found hours to work on the game, in 10 months the core server side logic was completed. Jason developed a masterpiece tool for handling abstract data, referred to as dynamic_data. This tool allows for 3d databases within a single table, as well as encrypted communication between client and server, as well as in memory. He also refined the landscaping technology to increase from 500 square miles to 250,000 square miles of zoneless landscape.

September of 2004 Jason searched for and secured financial assistance to form a tight, six person brain team to continue development on the game. The full time employees included: Jason Cook, president; 3 year matured graphic artist Brian Caldwell; Chris Morsics, an excellent engineer with two years of programming experience; Michael Cabral, an excellent 3d artist as well as programmer.

December 1, business operations started with the small group and by March, the engine and artistic skills matured to producing a prototype with core functionality of an MMO. This included adding event manager and quest engine to server and client, GUI, skills, attributes, creatures, major performance enhancements, a city with a population of 300, quest builder, equipment, and core database design.

Over the past two years, we have completed all core engine design as well as populated a world with creatures and towns.


"When I was younger, for fun I used to write games that paralleled the complex games on the market such as Ultima I. I have always had an interest in the field of gaming, and have decided that it is now time for me to go where I have always wanted to be. A life-long dream, commitment, expertise, and a prime market will not only make my dream a reality, but will make Scuba Monkey Software a leader in the industry. "
-Jason Cook, September 2000.

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